I started out in sound production almost 23 years ago, with a simple tracker, MadTracker, on my family’s AMD Athlon PC.
Through hard work and long hours spent trying to understand it, I ended up making loops, then tracks.
Remixes at first, I started composing (and finishing tracks), which will lead to the release of my 1st EP on the Abstrakt Reflections label in 2019.
Here I gather my work on different projects.


Asceptic Siliceum – Chaotic Paths

Out on Abstrakt Reflections in 2019.


Couple In The Attic – The Last Place Before Nowhere (Redscape Extended Mix)
François TJP – Puissant comme un tigre (Redscape Remix)

I’m not very serious sometimes, so I have fun making sounds that are very far removed from what I can release today.

KaaFist – Merco (Redscape vs Kaaris F1 Remix)

Les Pourfendeurs – Cerveau Frais (Redscape Journey Man Remix)
Alan Stivell – Brian Boru (Redscape 2016 Summer Remix)

Probably my most accomplished remix, complete with cover art, of a track that made a big impression on me in 2008, Sébastien Tellier’s « Roche ». To be listened to in the warmth of winter.

Sebastien Tellier – Roche (Arisi Namaz Remix)